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Apartments, studios, hotels and villas in Keramoti, Kavala, Greece

Apartments, studios, hotels and villas in Keramoti, Kavala, Greece

Belvedere Apartments in Keramoti, Kavala, Greece

Keramoti, Kavala, Greece

Despite the fact that until recently it was a small fishing village providing the easiest access to Thassos by ferry, Keramoti, Kavala, it has now become an attractive destination for family vacations and ecotourism. The picturesque village is situated on a small peninsula that has been created by the Mesta River (Nestos) for millions of years. It is located at the same distance from two district cities – Kavala and Xanthi. A beautiful fine sandy beach (50 – 60 m wide) encircles Keramoti and extends 9 km to the Mesta River. From the sea, the peninsula looks like a Caribbean landscape. There are no crowds of tourists or shiny hotels in Keramoti, and that’s what makes it so charming.
Keramoti has a huge sandy beach and a predominant atmosphere of peace and tranquility that even seafood and herring gulls do not dare to disturb. That’s why it’s the perfect holiday spot for everyone who wants to get away from the noise of big resorts. The small hotels and complexes consisting of several studios or two-bedroom apartments provide accommodation for no more than 600 tourists.