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Apartment belvedere offers its guests a pleasant environment, cleanliness, coziness and all the comforts of home. They are made with care and attention so that guests will feel comfortable and will be able to enjoy a seaside holiday with family and friends. The apartments provide peace and tranquility and are only a few minutes' walk from the town's spacious beach and harbor, where the picturesque center is located. Near the hotel there is a supermarket, which has all the necessary essentials, as well as a children's playground with swings and climbers. They are located in recently built two- and three-story buildings and owned by a Bulgarian family.

Belvedere Aparments Keramoti

studios, apartments, hotels and villas in Keramoti, Kavala, Greece

Although recently a small fishing village providing easy access to Thassos by ferry, Keramoti, Kavala region, has nowadays become an attractive place for family holidays and ecotourism. The picturesque village is located on a small peninsula that was produced by the river Valezhi (nestos) over millions of years. It is equidistant from the two regional cities - Kavala and Xanthi. Beautiful beaches with fine sand (50-60 m) surround Keramoti, and stretch for 9 kilometers. from the Mesta River side. From the sea side, the peninsula looks like a Caribbean landscape. There are no crowds and no fancy hotels in Keramoti, and that's what makes it so much fun.
Keramoti is a huge sandy beach and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility prevails, even the sea and herring gulls did not dare to disturb. That's why it's the perfect vacation spot for everyone who wants to relax away from the hustle and bustle of big resorts. Small hotels and complexes, which consist of several studios and two-bedroom apartments, provide accommodation for no more than 600 tourists.

Reservation and Accommodation in apartments, maisonettes and Hotels in Keramoti Greece

If you plan to relax in Greece and want the hosts to be Bulgarians. If you are worried and nervous about the conversations with the Greek hoteliers – my offers for accommodation in Keramoti are no doubt suitable for you! In the hotels managed by a whole Bulgarian team, effortlessly you will find out where the menus are in Bulgarian, where is the staff of Bulgarians, where is the Bulgarian grocery store, where is the restaurant run by Bulgarians.

Belvedere Apartments Keramoti

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